Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fa la la la la la la!!!

Deck **
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 *  *  Halls!

  photo ae23842f-46e5-4e29-9216-e25909d3f480_zps042c5705.jpg  photo 4efde9d2-d4e4-4854-a39b-c3743ccb9538_zpsd01d0fae.jpg

It's beginning to look quite Christmas-y at our house!

  photo 3e6bb077-be74-47fd-ac89-1468fae4652d_zps9a34efd3.jpg

I am tickled with how this little ornament display turned out. The inspiration for the ornament twig tree came to me at about 12:00 one night and I had Donald go and cut me a small branch off the front yard tree. I love how it looks alongside the prints of my grandfathers Christmas art.

  photo e12d3c1f-0029-4341-a575-848f904f818f_zpsd6485b22.jpg  photo a9460ddb-18d5-4b66-b04e-737c25a228d3_zps46b834d8.jpg  photo 20a96c60-ad9d-4d20-9819-fbfe25d4d0b2_zps706f3c8e.jpg  photo 058f5a50-4509-48a3-aaae-24eb32eda3bd_zpsc68a32ed.jpg  photo 669910b3-f218-4d2f-9e5f-315a8f60c1d4_zpse8418878.jpg   photo b2bd8ed7-61c6-4c14-8349-8570562453f4_zps9d2dd327.jpg  photo 71f8750a-31ca-4074-bbc3-66ec9da3c802_zps3a71cb90.jpg  photo bb23090a-33ac-4db7-ac83-d3749b3e14bc_zps79bbd20e.jpg

Stockings are hung on the backs of chairs here in these parts.

  photo 829a4b0b-28a7-4cf7-a445-772b8414cb26_zps617c1634.jpg  photo 2ee22872-e204-4110-bca1-1b5544a64da7_zps11dab8ab.jpg

As always, the picture doesn't do justice to the Christmas lights hanging under the cabinetry. My kitchen glows. And it is fabulous!

  photo 7cc83eda-3da1-4a33-9ff1-55463047a9e5_zps9a08893c.jpg

Standing guard.

  photo 8deead7a-974b-4658-a620-03978a0ab669_zps61d78eef.jpg  photo e57dcb1b-898c-4217-a93e-1d13db74e075_zps08f2d9d8.jpg

Ho ho ho!

  photo d9d51098-70f9-4161-9cb3-5c4bb37c62b3_zps970b5130.jpg
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