Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Silent Night, Holy Night

Life has been busy lately. The latter part of November I was performing in Richard III, that was followed by Messiah, and last week was consumed with Nutcracker. I have absolutely LOVED performing in these shows, but it has meant a lot of time away from home in the evenings. So when Elisabeth's school called yesterday to tell me that they didn't have a nurse on staff (and Elisabeth legally can't be there without a nurse) I was thrilled to have an excuse to keep her with me.

 photo 56329744-43dd-401e-a341-5eef94276c25_zps636a638c.jpg

After doing some housework and wrapping a few gifts to put under the tree, I bundled her in a blanket and held her tight in my arms while we listened to Christmas music. Silent Night came on and it seemed like the most perfect, peaceful moment. I know it is good to stay busy and productive, but sometimes the most beautiful times in life are the simple, quiet ones.

 photo bc6a6bd4-9dfd-435e-9f05-e20183461a92_zps36455ce1.jpg 

All is calm,  
all is bright.
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