Monday, January 12, 2015

Gymnastics + Basketball = Saturday

Let's talk about Saturday.

Saturday was busy.

And exhausting.

But oh, so fun!

We started it off by waking at 4 am so we could drive to Lorelai's gymnastics meet some two and a half hours away.

 photo c50c32cc-faf0-4703-818b-ff9006b24866_zpsd8ac5143.jpg

Lorelai didn't do her very best, but considering it was the first meet of the season it wasn't too shabby! I had her sit down on New Years and write some goals for herself. A lot of those goals were gymnastics related. Well, she was just a hair away from meeting her goal on vault, which is her weakest event. I was very proud of her.

Here she is on bars:

The ride home looked something like this (remember, they woke at 4am):

 photo adb39e49-515a-44fd-b8e4-8935d2d0152c_zps0bb54480.jpg  photo 349ea95d-0634-45a6-8cd0-5283fe444a1d_zps19bff71b.jpg 
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the view out the window!

Once we made it back to the tri-cities, we went straight to Elsa's basketball tournament. And miraculously, we were there by the second quarter of the first game.

 photo e7845d9b-f1d9-4f9f-acb4-6ab296aa4d78_zpsbe4fde07.jpg

I love this picture of Elsa running down the court. Can you see the pure joy on her face???

 photo 5f37b943-ea76-4f6c-be9d-4b848799c7dc_zps1af8cf3f.jpg  photo 3f23334d-e0d4-43c4-a466-619341f88ba5_zpsc1349211.jpg

 photo 03277f1c-2d07-493f-aa2a-5cd4964c6dd4_zpse51cc995.jpg 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a two stars in the making!
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