Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sister Carrying Sister

Lorelai wanted to be the one to get Elisabeth out of bed.

So she climbed in, and cradled her into her arms...

 photo ab82d124-fc18-4f1e-b19b-be884a2b5ea7_zpsb7hebyzr.jpg

But then...a seizure struck:

 photo 9e2896a5-a953-4c9c-b809-b5bbd2b5b0fc_zpsacooyded.jpg

So Lorelai held her steady and gave her comfort.

When it ended, up they got:

 photo f9d650c1-aa47-4a1a-b2c7-bbefca6c7bdb_zpsrhlbeumw.jpg

No reason to get all worked up over a seizure, right? 

Just keep calm and carry on:

 photo a6782d74-2f81-4cc9-9cb5-9e9536f06c9a_zpsxoeikdns.jpg  photo 74aeec3c-c7a8-4c35-b642-3821c10fcf4d_zpsuotbzwbs.jpg
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