Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Day Elisabeth Turned Eight!

The annual birthday crown. photo 20150924_130145_zpsvw36zxcj.jpg

Cupcakes made with love by her big sisters.
 photo 20150924_130029_zpsptq0e14q.jpg

A gift with an 'E'.
 photo 20150924_130135_zpsqi71neqq.jpg

A bucket full of binkies.
   photo 20150924_130344_zpse0uyl0jf.jpg

Let the celebration begin!
  photo 20150924_130102_zpswnvkvu9q.jpg
 photo 20150924_082026_zpsukyvqz03.jpg  photo 20150924_081955_zpsgazasicb.jpg

Opening the gift.
(With a little assistance.)

 photo ee5aa2aa-0bbb-4cd4-8eda-bececc7fe3d0_zps3vb3jipm.jpg  photo 26cad68f-e1e8-4bac-9cbe-43eadafcd339_zpszckajxje.jpg
 photo c5dc4ada-4d22-4f7e-9e1e-5a81c2f1908a_zps5zhk7pwz.jpg

And blowing out the candle.
(Once again, with a little assistance.) 

 photo af507047-40dc-429d-8303-ea8d1f130422_zpsknqsunff.jpg

And that's how a Queen turns 8!

 photo 20150924_082207_zpsw7xdgwqf.jpg 

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