Saturday, October 3, 2015


I woke this morning to the sound of rain coming down.

I felt immediate joy.

I peeked outside and saw a gray sky. And though our tree is still green, a few leaves were starting to sprinkle down to the grass.

 photo 20151003_081056_zpsxgh5xum1.jpg

"It looks a bit autumnal out," I thought.

Autumnal. Autumnal. Suddenly I couldn't that word out of my head. And then I started thinking about the other seasons and wondering what their comparable words were. What would the autumnal version of Spring be? Or Summer?

Finally I had to consult the dictionary, which told me that the adjective for Spring is merely spring-like, and for Summer, summer-like. And doesn't have a word at all! I'd definitely say Autumn wins! (It always has been my favorite season :)  )

Assignment for the day: 
Use the word autumnal at least once in conversation. Go!

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