Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Day She Turned Thirteen

  photo 20151004_073724_zps2ralqffd.jpg  photo 20151004_073823_zps85abcnzt.jpg  photo 20151004_073801_zpsaigvdigi.jpg photo 20151004_073750_zpsurzzwkhv.jpg

Alexandra has taken to painting this past year, and so I went with a painting theme for her birthday. At each place setting there was a miniature canvas and easel:

  photo 20151004_074818_zpsgbp0fdhe.jpg

The girls quickly turned them into masterpieces which I am excited to display around the house:  photo 20151004_092422_zpsmkmokpio.jpg

Several of her gifts also went with the paint theme...including a cell phone case that looks like a paint set (below), a table top easel, a book about painting techniques, and a multi pack of new canvases. 
  photo 20151004_075359_zpsmcnpnvwl.jpg

After morning festivities, we hopped in the car and drove to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth Washington. The autumn air and glorious fall colors were spectacular!
  photo 20151004_143744_zpsdjw7kmto.jpg photo 20151004_144634_zpsrycaotut.jpg  photo 20151004_144459_zpsp1hm1fh7.jpg   photo 20151004_144013_zps376vjg0i.jpg

The teenager:
 photo 20151004_153423_zpsixp5hhog.jpg  

Isn't her profile beautiful??

  photo 20151004_144241_zpsvp9jg3oh.jpg

One of the happiest surprises of all was running into the girls friend, Jayden, and her family. It made the day that much more special for Alexandra.

  photo 20151004_142541_zpsvwj26ew5.jpg

Another highlight of the day was when Alexandra reached down and held my hand. Best teenager ever!
 photo 20151004_160254_zpsax0coikt.jpg  photo 20151004_160250_zpspys0k4mx.jpg

After exploring the town for a few hours, we drove home to finish our celebrating with birthday cake.
 photo 20151004_192200_zpsmuq4eb3v.jpg   photo 20151004_202310_zpsffcdgxye.jpg

Make a wish, birthday girl! 

  photo 20151004_2025350_zpszrrzcqqh.jpg

Let the teenage years, begin!
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