Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lorelai's Birthday Review!

The day she turned 11... photo 20151019_154655_zps9nt5b2vz.jpg  photo 20151019_154754_zpssj8zhi9j.jpg  photo 20151019_154627_zpshq4w0e2o.jpg

Gifts and decorations full of color and fun.  photo 20151019_154703_zpsymuu03l3.jpg photo 20151019_154640_zpscgics97e.jpg  photo 20151019_154623_zpsjwpberta.jpg  photo 20151019_154615_zpskbgw4ym5.jpg

The opening of gifts...

 photo b40d0f11-ea5f-4a12-b5fe-ca8e57feeb16_zpsthqmwn5l.jpg  photo 4c0f0d8c-a29c-4f76-a113-21363fffd729_zps6jmzkuwo.jpg  photo 9e13d1fc-f3fb-46bd-bc91-f3eeed67b90a_zpsysat8qeb.jpg  photo 43c8ddc8-24a0-4e66-bb9f-2b2c233204b4_zpsgnmbmx3v.jpg

Presents included:

~ Fitbit
~ Bubble gum
~ Shoes 
~ Clothes
~ DVD of Grace Stirs up Success
~ Racoon mug
~ Coloring book and colored pencils 

The cake...  photo 20151019_154922_zpsnkhun0lo.jpg  photo 20151019_203130_zpsyjiehxi2.jpg  photo 20151019_203153_zpssiqxubua.jpg

Make a Wish!!!!

  photo IMG_20151019_160527_zpsex1hm7qq.jpg

And that's how you turn 11!!!
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