Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Story About a Spine: Part 6

I smiled
when I saw the new, updated sign on the garage door:

 photo 20160708_124014_zpsarjnlwpe.jpg

The entire family was outside waiting and Donald [carefully] scooped up Elisabeth from her carseat and carried her in the house.

 photo 20160708_123624_zpst6c6ujnh.jpg

They had 'For She's a Jolly Good Fellow' all cued up to play and as we walked in the door we all began to sing along. A joyful return for our special little queen.

 photo 20160708_123639_zpsfvbwincw.jpg

Elisabeth was once again returned to her royal throne [the couch!].

 photo 20160708_123642_zpsle2qei5x.jpg

 photo 20160708_123644_zpsdoof7wxz.jpg

Literally fifteen minutes after we arrived, Donald, Lorelai, and Elsa had to leave for Seattle; the regional track meet was that weekend and they were only waiting around long enough to greet us.

And just like last time, Lorelai sneaked a peek at Elisabeth's new back:

 photo 20160708_124906_zpsoo48f42a.jpg

Then they were off and it was Alexandra and I left at home to play nurse to Elisabeth.

At first things seemed relatively okay:

 photo IMG_20160708_170024_zpsohcib2gv.jpg

But things started going downhill quickly.

She started thrashing about, sweat was pouring from her head, she couldn't sleep.

'Think, think, think,' I told myself.

I knew there had to be a solution. There had to be something causing this, some variable that I was missing.

As afternoon turned into night she became increasingly worse. I was tired, I was worried. There was no where left to turn. I knew the local hospital wouldn't take her, they had said so themselves. And driving back to Spokane just wasn't an option that late at night. Plus, I had just spent a week back there and really, they hadn't solved the problem.

I was on my own. I needed to figure it out.

 photo IMG-1468039257191-V_zpszpb5qmed.jpg 
[To help ease her discomfort, Alexandra created a makeshift hospital 
bed by using a bean bag to elevate the mattress.]
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