Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Post About Spring (and haircuts)

This past winter was the winter-iest winter I have ever experienced. Freezing temperatures, ice storms, piles and piles of snow. I think school/work ended up being cancelled ten times! There was plenty of time to hunker down at home. I read book after book, did a lot of organizing around the house, played games with the children, and enjoyed the white wonderland outside while sitting next to my warm and cozy fireplace. I heard a lot of complaints from colleagues, and friends, "I can't wait for the snow to melt" and "This winter is terrible" and "Oh no, another storm is on the way". But I loved it! It was exciting, it was beautiful...it was winter at its finest!

But now Spring is here, and I feel equally exhilarated by the prospect of long days, flowers, and warmth. I am ready to open windows, go out on walks, and enjoy the sound of sprinklers again.

Spring is here!

 photo image-0-02-02-1763d1beb05e442b08b52fdefbb5a03c6774d1e6342494ae1c7d8e60af055b62-V_zpsqjiduk0o.jpg

  photo fcbb33de-bd15-4b46-aa08-151b3282f505_zpslkmu5u0d.jpg  photo 44464246-61d2-4e86-925d-ec311a954460_zpsdngpv9kq.jpg  photo 25bd8da6-6225-4f78-a41f-5f83cf31c3c7_zpsiqbtmr8n.jpg  photo c01b5e0e-3f71-45b9-be72-54528f55d2e2_zpspdpvnsvo.jpg   photo image-0-02-02-f37a9e5ad3b2849d9ca720c7deb6ec7843e9e47e8ce7cab76ab9570f99c7f6eb-V_zpsjzaytetw.jpg 

Now to get Apollo a haircut...

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