Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Eight Months Post-Op

We all remember where Elisabeth started.

She was folded in half.


 photo IMG_20160623_133353_zps7fd2qnqy.jpg

 photo 0c86c7f9-b67d-40b8-8f73-c674f603b710_zpsaagqu5ye.jpg

And then came the spinal fusion.

Watching her endure that surgery and the long and hard recovery following was terrible. She suffered. I even wondered if it had been the right choice.

But here we are, some eight and a half months later and I can't hardly believe the difference! Not only is she straight and comfortable, but Elisabeth's quality of life has increased dramatically. She stays awake most of the day and plays by the hour. It's like she has come to life.

We recently went to a follow up appointment and this is how her spine is currently looking:

 photo IMG_20170223_164314_831_zpscqhzgzwe.jpg

You can see the rods easily, but also look carefully beyond them to her spine. It still retains roughly a 33 degree curve, but it is a night and day difference to the 95 degrees it was before.

And the more dramatic difference isn't even what we see on the inside...but what we see on the outside:

 photo image-0-02-02-1cdf323bc22ac6fc1e4c4bcd7ec5a49264c7625307f9809295be87f511f1374f-V_zpsgkg4enlp.jpg

and Happy!
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