Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have a very talented mother-in-law. She is an extremely gifted seamstress - my childrens closet is a testament to that. For the past few years now she has toyed with the idea of creating a little business. Finally that idea is becoming a reality! I am pleased to announce the opening of her very own shop named TwiddleSticks on Etsy.com.

Her clothing is high quality with close attention to detail. Make sure to check her shop often for new listings. Here is a sampling of what she has sewn for my girls:

In other news: Elisabeth and I have a new game that we play. For the past month or so I have been taking her hand and putting it on my face while saying "Mama". Her therapist wants her to start exploring her surroundings with her hands and to learn to identify things through the sense of touch. Well, last night I held her in front of me and said over and over, "find Mama". After a bit of coaxing she raised her right hand and placed it on my face! I was ecstatic!!! We did this over and over. This morning when I went to get her out of her cradle I decided to try it again and see if she remembered. "Find Mama" I said, and after just a few times of telling her this she lifted her hand and found my face.

There are several reasons why I am so thrilled by this new game. First of all, aren't all mothers excited when they see their child learning and interacting? Second, this shows that she is really thinking! We don't know how damaged her brain was and we aren't sure how she will function mentally as an adult....but this is a good sign! She understood what I wanted her to do and was able to control her arm and move it towards the sound of my voice.

I also tried this with the piano. As I have mentioned before, I sit her at the piano at the end of our music time every day and place her hands on the keys. Well, I wanted to see what she would do if I didn't put her hands on the piano for her, but just told her to, "find the piano". She did it!! She lifted her right hand up and moved it through the air until she felt the keys. Hurray! Yippee!!! Wooohooooo!!! I am so pround of Elisabeth. She is learning and exploring her little world. I know that she will continue to amaze us.

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