Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We just made it back from Spokane. The past two days has been a minute I am enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon and the next I am sitting in a hospital doing my best to stay composed. Here is a recap:

  • Elisabeth had a seizure that lasted an hour and a half
  • About 20 minutes into it I took her to the ER
  • After multiple doses of Ativan the doctors finally got the convulsions to stop
  • A CT scan was taken of Elisabeth's head
  • They found what looked like bleeding in the brain
  • An entire team of nurses and paramedics spent about 30 minutes trying to get an IV in Elisabeth's chubby little arm
  • Elisabeth and I were airlifted to Sacred Heart in Spokane
  • Elisabeth was admitted to the PICU
  • I spent a very uncomfortable night sleeping in a rocking chair
  • Next morning: a second CT scan was taken
  • Finally they let Elisabeth eat again (boy was she getting angry)
  • Elisabeth was moved out of the intensive care unit
  • We met with the neurosurgeon
  • Home at last!

So that was the last 36 hours in a nutshell. The good news is that the bleeding was a result of the seizure and was nothing too serious. It should go away on its own within a week. While we were there the neurosurgeon had a 3D image of her skull created so that he could see what was happening with her skull sutures (remember this post?). The coronal sutures (towards the front of the head) are beginning to fuse together. Elisabeth will have a CT scan every month to watch what is happening with her skull. If it does indeed close up she will have surgery when she is about 12 months old. The surgery will be at Seattle Children's Hospital where a craniofacial surgeon and neurosurgeon will work together to separate her skull.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It is great to feel support from friends and family at scary times like this. We especially want to thank Rachel, Heidi, Marilyn, Mandy, and Courtney for the extra help that you offered and gave. We feel blessed to know such wonderful people.

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