Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Connections

The Internet has been a great resource to our family ever since we first heard the word, 'hydrocephalus'. We have been able to provide care and treatments for our daughter that never would have been possible without the world wide web. A few weeks after learning of Elisabeth's birth defects we came across this website. It was a great blessing. After being convinced by doctors that my child would not live, I suddenly had hope. This great family shared their experiences and it was because of them that we took Elisabeth to Duke University to receive her stem cell infusion.

I have also been able to connect with many other parents across the country who have children with hydrocephalus. Not too long ago I met this girl. She is expecting her first baby in less than 2 weeks. Her daughter has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus too. Her strength in facing this situation has been inspiring. She has been knitting a gorgeous hat collection for her baby, 'Cayman'. I have been oohing and aahing as she has posted pictures of her most recent creations. So you can imagine how overjoyed I felt when this lovely gift showed up in my mailbox:

I am in love with this hat! In fact, I am sure it's the most beautiful hat I have ever seen. The details are exquisite. This girl has serious talent! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristen!
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