Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chansons de Noel

This is my music parlor. I always liked the word parlor, so that's what I call it. I especially love hearing my girls say 'the parlor'. They sound so sophisticated! I haven't told them that it's kind of an old fashioned word...and I'm not going to. I'm afraid if they catch on they might just call it 'the music room' {boring}.

In my music parlor I have this fabulous record player that we use to play our collection of old Christmas records. There is something about listening to a record...that wonderful crackle that the needle makes as the disc goes around and around. It makes the music almost tangible. You just don't get that with a CD player.

Amongst our collection of old Christmas records is one titled 'Chansons de Noel'. For me, Christmas isn't complete without this record. It is music from my childhood. Each December we would put this record on and listen to it over and over. These french carols became as familiar to me as Silent Night or Jingle Bells. It didn't occur to me until sometime in my teenage years that this record and the songs on it were somewhat unique to my family. Oh how I loved that record.

Last year Donald set out on a quest to find me a copy of my own. After being unsuccessful for some time he enlisted the help of his Uncle Mike. Donald knew that if there was a copy in existence, Mike would be the one to find it....and he did.

So if you stop by my home during this Christmas season you will probably hear french Christmas carols ringing out from the music parlor. The sound of it's finest.

***Alexandra update: She got up and walked a bit yesterday evening. Slow, steady steps, but it was progress! We also had a nurse come to our home to check the wounds and give her a sponge bath. The nurse will be coming to the house every morning for as long as we need her. Let me tell you how wonderful that is for me!
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