Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Days and Bad Days

Alexandra spent yesterday lounging in the recliner, propped up by pillows and blankets in all the right places. And for a second day in a row she was showered with cards, gifts, flowers, and treats. These things seem to make her unbearable situation a little more bearable.

However...these same things also make Lorelai's bearable situation quite unbearable. By bedtime she was in the depths of despair; feeling quite left out and unwanted. She stated that this was so "unfair". We tried our best to explain that Alexandra was only receiving the royal treatment because of what she had been through...but a 4 year old does not want to be logical.

She went to bed in tears, completely broken hearted. And I was a little broken hearted too. I couldn't stand the thought of her feeling like she was second best. No child should feel that way. So I went to her room and the two of us had a little chat. Lorelai informed me that the past two days had been "super duper bad days". I told her that there was only one thing to do....flush them away! This caught her attention. "Lorelai, follow me", I stated. We marched to the bathroom and pulled 5 or 6 squares of toilet paper off the roll, then we marched back to her room, got a pen and wrote Day 1 = Bad and Day 2 = Bad on the paper. I watched the joy in Lorelai's face as she crumpled those days up and flushed them away...never to be seen again.

After the flushing ceremony Lorelai enjoyed a Popsicle and listened as I read 2 of her favorite Christmas stories. As I tucked her into bed I promised that 'tomorrow will be a good day'. And it will.

{See ya later buster!}

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