Friday, August 28, 2009

|The Studio|

Grandpa Coats (sitting) working on Cinderella with Walt Disney, Mary Blair, and someone else (sorry anonymous person).

Grandpa worked at the Disney Studio. It was just a few blocks from his house in Burbank CA, but at home he had a studio of his own; a place where he created many beautiful pieces of art....

{Alexandra and Lorelai, taking in all the colorful paintings.

{This framed ticket to Disneyland's opening day hangs on the wall.... does this picture that Walt signed to my Grandma (Who was an inker at the studio. She and my grandpa met while they were working on Snow White).

{And my favorite part of the room, the map (see above) on which my grandparents marked all of their travel destinations. A map completely covered with lines drawn from Los Angeles to......everywhere (seriously).

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