Friday, November 20, 2009

Fit for a Princess

Welcome to Alexandra's new bedroom.

We used the same quilt and pillow sham from the original girl's room....but I purchased a new purple comforter for added warmth.

Once upon a time I saw the idea of decorating with embroidery hoops; simple and inexpensive. I just love how it turned out.

A few weeks ago the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived. While thumbing through I came across this magnetic tree. I fell in love with it and ordered it immediately; it was exactly what I needed to spice up that big purple wall.

The color of the tree tied in perfectly with the room and the round shape blended well with all the colored circles on the wall. Can you tell how much I love this tree? I want one in my room too...

Alexandra received this purple corduroy storage bench for her birthday last month. It makes clean up a breeze....

And now....a story and a giveaway:

When I was pregnant with Elisabeth I purchased the green and purple quilt and pillow sham pictured in the room. Actually, I bought two twin sized quilts, two shams, and one crib quilt with the vision of all the children in a room together.

As planned, all three girls did share a room, but it was while Elisabeth was using the cradle and Lorelai was still sleeping in the crib-turned-toddler bed.

I never ended up using the second twin size quilt. It is in fact still in its packaging.


Does anyone out there want a beautiful, purple and green, twin size quilt for their little girl?

If so, just mention it in the comment section. If more than one person is interested in the quilt a winner will be selected tonight and announced tomorrow. Pillow sham included (sham is not in the original packaging, but in like-new condition). Also availaible upon request is the crib quilt (lightly used). Purchased from Company Kids.

I am grateful for.....that tree.

Also a part of The Upstairs Makeover 2009:

Still to come - The Home Office

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