Monday, March 29, 2010

A House Party


5 years ago we bought this house. What a blessing it is to have our own little place in the world; a refuge from the scary realities of the world; a place to raise our children and provide them comfort and safety.

As we carried out our annual celebration (complete with cake) I asked each family member what their favorite thing is about our home:

Lorelai - My favorite part of the house is the kitchen.
Lisa - Why the kitchen?
Lorelai - Because that's where all the food is.

Lisa - And Alexandra, what's your favorite part about our house?
Alexandra - (giggling and taking Lorelai's lead) The pantry.
Lisa - (already knowing the answer asks:) Why?
Alexandra - Because there's lots of food.

Lisa - Donald, what's your favorite part?
Donald - The garage. It's the place where I get to make all the decisions (True, true. I make all decisions regarding the inside of the house and he gets the outside. Divide and conquer I say.). But after that I like the living room.

And even though I didn't interview myself outloud, I'll interview myself now so that we have a full and complete account of who-likes-what-parts-of-the-house.

Lisa - What do you like best about the house?
Me - I love the parlor....all of my intruments sitting there just waiting to make music. I also love Elisabeth and Lorelai's room.

Oops. I just realized that we are missing Elisabeth in this little interview. Now, I know Elisabeth can't talk or express her thoughts, but I am quite sure that if she could, she would say that her favorite part of our home is the bathtub. She has lost interest in many things lately, but not splashing. She is a spashing queen.

Happy 5th Birthday House!!

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