Monday, July 26, 2010

My Family

[Alexandra, comforting Elisabeth, mid-seizure.]

Families are amazing.

They just are.

How everyone is there for each other.

For example, last Friday when I got home from having my wisdom teeth extracted. Blood was puddling up in my mouth and I was begging for someone to bring me new gauze. At the same time, Donald discovered that Elisabeth was a having a huge seizure in her crib.

He carefully [and calmly] carried her downstairs, put her on the floor, retrieved her Diastat from the medicine cabinet, and administered the medicine.

Then Alexandra jumped in to take over Elisabeth's care. Snuggling her and telling her stories while waiting for the convulsions to stop.

Once Elisabeth was safe in Alexandra's care, Donald came to my rescue. He delicately pulled the soaked gauze out of my mouth, replaced it with new white little bundles, and brought me a dose of medicine too.

Everyone taking care of everyone.

That's what families are all about.
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