Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sunday, mid-morning.

The telephone rings:

Me: Hello?

Jennifer: Hi Bear! (Jenn's nickname for me). I have a question for you.

Me: Yes?

Jennifer: How would you like to take a week off from being a mom next year?

Me: Go on.....

Jennifer: I want you to go on a trip to Italy with me. We'll spend the whole week eating ridiculously fattening foods and exploring museums.

Me: Ummm.....yes! Count me in. Wait, I'd better check with Donald. Donald! (calling down the hall) would you mind taking a week off of work next year to watch the children so that I can go to Italy with Jennifer?

Donald: What?! Italy? (Thinks about it for 2 seconds) No, I don't mind.

**********Later that same day**********

Donald: You know, if you get to go to Italy for a week, I think that I should get to go with Justin (best friend) to a Seahawks game.

Me: Oh?? (I am amused because Donald never misses an opportunity. And this was an opportunity.)

So here's the deal.

If I get to go here:


He gets to go here:


Sounds fair to me!
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