Thursday, September 2, 2010

Technical Difficulties and Caramel Apples

So, I know that I promised a video of me and Elisabeth playing the piano today, but there were some major uploading issues occurring. And my main tech support guy (Donald) was busy detailing his car last night; which means that my concert has been postponed for a day or so.

Instead, here are some pictures of the girls making their back-to-school caramel apples last Saturday. You'll notice that Lorelai has two working arms in these photos. Ah, the good ol' days....


Photobucket Photobucket

And then they set off to deliver some caramel apples and a 'Happy Back-to-School' greeting to some of the other neighborhood children:


***Today's Lorelai's first full day of Kindergarten!

****And teachers from Elisabeth's new school are coming out to the house to do her assessment. Big day, big day!

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