Saturday, January 1, 2011


[Some of my new lovelies from Christmas.]

Do you feel it? That refreshing feeling of starting anew?

I love January 1st for that very reason.

Yesterday was spent reflecting on the year past and today, today will be spent daydreaming of the year to come.

I [we] have a lot planned for 2011, including - but not limited to:

> Taking Elisabeth to Duke for more stem cells.
> Traveling around Italy with my sisters.
> Building a handicap accessible home for Elisabeth.
> Riding a donkey along the rim of the Grand Canyon.
> Producing an album with my new group, Scarlet Hope.

And those are just the things that are [thus far] planned. Oh, what a year it will be!

Welcome 2011!

***Stop by tomorrow for a special-edition Sunday post!!
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