Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ready (or not)

Elisabeth is...

Ready (for 3/4 cup bolus feedings!)
Not Ready (for oral feedings)
Ready (for size 6 clothes!)
Not Ready (for size 6 need)
Ready (for touch and feel books)
Not Ready (to learn her ABC's)
Ready (for a handicap accessible house)
Not Ready (to say goodbye to this home)
Ready (for a stem cell infusion)
Not Ready (for a cross country flight [l-o-n-g])
Ready (for a big-girl bed)
Not Ready (to pack away her crib [I'm not ready])
Ready (to pound on the piano)
Not Ready (for Carnegie Hall)
Ready (to be seizure free)
Not Ready (to stop seizure meds)
Ready (for snuggles)
Not Ready (to give up binkies)
Ready (for life!)

[Elisabeth's shirt says, 'Everybody Loves Me' - and yes, it's a size 6!!]

***This post is an entry into the blog carnival,
Recognizing Readiness, hosted by the ever-so-wise Barbara at TherExtras. Make sure to stop by her blog on Monday to read all the entries!
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