Friday, September 16, 2011

Spinal Curves

I was waiting in the drive-thru of Chico's Taco's a few days ago with my sister, Jennifer. As we sat there I glanced down at my credit card (which is personalized with a family picture taken at Niagara Falls. )

Immediately I noticed my back and said to Jennifer,

"Look at my back in this picture. Look at that lovely curve. That's the way a back's supposed to be. Now my spine is all convex."

"Actually," Jennifer said, "the shape of the spine is supposed to go concave - convex - concave - convex. But yours just go's concave - convex - vex - vex."

And then we started laughing uncontrollably. I really do look pretty pathetic these days; more like 101 than 31. And when that's the case, all you really can do is laugh.

11 days till surgery. I can't wait to be upright again!
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