Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lisa's Home Show - Episode 4

~On the Road~

Okay, I have no idea why the thumbnail is upside down - but it flips over when you push play (at least it does on my computer), so it's all good. Yesterday was fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I took Lisa's Home Show on the road as we drove to Spokane for neurosurgery appointments.

For the record, I had every intention of making a follow up movie on the drive home with details of our visit with the surgeon. But obviously that didn't happen. That's okay though, it's better that I do an actual post on those details...because I have pictures to show! So stop back by tomorrow for those, okay?


Post-Movie-Statement: While farmland is indeed my favorite landscape I do still love the sandy beaches of Hawaii - just sayin'. (This is a warning to my friend Libbie - have your guest room ready, we're going to show up one of these days. By the way, do you have a guest room? If not we'll take the floor. :)
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