Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I present to you...

as a

[She had a seizure just before this and was having a hard time coming out of it.]

as a


[Do you recognize this costume? Alexandra wore it last year. And I wore it 24 years ago!]

Betsy Ross:

[Do you recognize this costume? Alexandra got it on our family vacation to Williamsburg this year.]

A dinosaur attacking Betsy Ross:

Donald and Lisa
Waldo and Wenda:

[Me in stripes...again.]
[I took off my back brace for these pictures; it felt weird.]

And then...

We brought the fire pit out front:

Sent the children out trick-or-treating with Donald:

[Sorry about the blur.]

And Jennifer and I sat by the warmth of the fire and passed out candy all night:

And that's how Halloween is done...the right way.
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