Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Scream - Part 2

For the past few weeks Elisabeth has been screaming. And not just a casual little squeal - but a full-on, ear-piercing, make-you-go-deaf, scream. We blamed it on the wean at first; that it was merely a withdrawal symptom. But it never got better. So the doctors bumped up her methadone dosage and slowed down the wean. She is still screaming. 

Now they realize that this screaming is probably not related to methadone withdrawals at all, but rather a side effect to her new seizure med, Onfi - the one that continues to keep her seizure free. So of course we aren't going to take her off of it. Instead, we started Elisabeth on Prozac a few days ago. Prozac will [hopefully] control the agitation caused by Onfi while not interfering with it's seizure controlling properties. It'll take a week or two for the Prozac to build up in her system. In the meantime, bring some earplugs if you come over for a visit, okay? 


By the way, I just read that Edvard Munch's, 'The Scream', just sold at auction for $120 Million. Perhaps I could sell limited edition prints of these pictures of Elisabeth. I mean, apparently there's a market for this kind of thing... 

p.s. I had to title this post, 'The Scream, Part 2' because I already titled a post, 'The Scream' back in February of 2010. Remember that post?
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