Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I was at the police station a few days ago to get my fingerprints done (no, I am not a criminal...just have a project in the works that requires fingerprints). Here's how my conversation with the police officer went: 

Officer: What do you do for work? 

Me: I take care of my children. 

Officer: Do you use a lot of cleaning products? 

Me: Uhh....yes.... (major OCD here)

Officer: Your fingers are chemically burned...we can't get a good set of prints. 

So that's it; my fingerprints look like blobs...no actual 'prints' on them, at least not enough to qualify as prints. He suggested that I use gentle soap (non anti-bacterial) and wear gloves anytime I am using cleaning products. And then, in three weeks, I am to go back - and if I am lucky I might have prints again (if I'm lucky). 

On a happy note, I have a very clean house. 

My fingerblobs. Epic fail.
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