Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A three-part piece.

Alexandra has been composing a piece of music; a three-part piece, to be exact.

A few days ago she invited me into the parlor to play it for me.

"This is guitar part."

  photo 2145e0b3-a845-4c4d-84b3-c054c014e984_zps1f48b812.jpg 

 "This is the xylophone part."

  photo 44105e65-b64a-4afd-8cfa-eeb1162681ba_zpsfc77b117.jpg 

 "This is the piano part." 

  photo ee9cb5a6-a415-4ba0-b315-96baaa7c7e82_zps5faff2af.jpg

"Which part do you want to play?"  she asked me.

 photo e7656514-4f43-427a-9cb9-d8cc1e722deb_zps858339a8.jpg
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