Monday, March 18, 2013

Nurse Brenda

For three years Elisabeth has been blessed to have Nurse Brenda at her side every day at school. From the bus, to physical therapy, to nap time, Brenda has been there. And not only has Brenda provided medical care...but she has loved Elisabeth; she has loved her as I love her. 

A few weeks back the time came for Brenda to retire. We were broken hearted at the news - indeed, she is irreplaceable. For weeks now Elisabeth has gone to school with substitute nurses; nurses that hardly know the fine art of snuggling like Nurse Brenda does.

So imagine the joy when Nurse Brenda stopped by our house for a visit and snuggle with Elisabeth. QE was so happy! I am quite sure she was thinking,  
"Finally! Where have you been?!"

Elisabeth was in her happy place.

And I know Brenda was too.

 photo 5ca3d204-c42b-47fa-8d83-d59d3c91207f_zpsb916857a.jpg  photo d0700fb2-a986-4363-9585-79a122ce2fc8_zpsd9dc5273.jpg  photo 9a90f589-8503-43b9-b895-ed43fe8e3331_zps53efa33b.jpg  photo 7892df84-4ae6-4494-8fcf-9a64287d7ec2_zpscd185b0b.jpg  photo 200a672b-c2bc-45d7-9680-0dfc3d9edfdb_zpsa1088cce.jpg

Thank you, Brenda! 

We are so grateful for the care that you have given our sweet girl.
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