Thursday, March 14, 2013

From the OR to the Backyard

 photo 728a69f1-d70c-4648-ae01-3b2a60fd9d57_zps73e2c1af.jpg

Yesterday morning Elisabeth had to check in at the hospital in Spokane at 6 am. She had an appointment in the OR to get molded for her new Wilmington Brace. I completely realize that it seems a bit much to go to the OR for such a basic procedure, but because the little Queen had to be perfectly still it was necessary to put her under with general anesthesia.

But by mid afternoon she sitting in the backyard and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, the feeling of Spring in the air, and some lovin' from our very affectionate and protective Labrador, Scarlett.

  photo a6a84182-547e-4638-92b4-55694396e2bf_zps20344cbb.jpg  photo 759abd3b-8de3-4faf-ba21-f6b7156a34b1_zps9fcac3b9.jpg  photo d3c4e2c9-fff4-4d0b-a88a-b8088f8da14d_zps1132d941.jpg  photo 5945d0b9-2f3e-4510-bbfc-5757020b8713_zpsec6dce90.jpg
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