Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plow Pose

 photo c847e305-3ecb-4147-a7c0-2e5938891405_zpsfba95048.jpg 

18 months. 

It's been 18 months since my back surgery

Oh, what a difference a year and a half makes! Before my spinal fusion I couldn't stand straight, I walked with a cane, and I was living in excruciating pain. And now - well...look at the picture above!

Many people who have gone through the same surgery told me that I would never feel 100% again. I am pleased to say, however, that I am at least at 99%. I actually feel better than I ever have. That missing 1% only comes from the fact that when sitting with my feet in front of me I cannot bend forward. My spine just physically can't move like that anymore. But - other than that - perfecto!

I am blessed to live in a place and time where they can do things like fuse spines. To me, having a healthy back wasn't about my own well was about Elisabeth. I needed to be strong and stable again so that I could care for her. It was crucial that I make a complete recovery, and I did.

Never again will I take my spine for granted. The ability to walk, to stand, even the ability to lay flat on my back - those are things that I cherish now. And most importantly, I can take care of my precious little Elisabeth; I can be the mother she needs me to be.  I am blessed.

p.s. Between Elisabeth and myself, it seems that all I post about are spines!

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