Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Africa, Here We Come!

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[Friendship necklaces for Alexandra and Lorelai to share with their new little sister. 
(No worries, Elisabeth doesn't feel left out. She isn't really into jewelry).]

News! We have news!

In roughly three weeks we will be on our way to Ethiopia to attend a court hearing where our 'new little one' will officially become our 'new little one'.

It seems surreal.

So surreal.


I am going to Africa...

...to meet my daughter.

 I'm so excited!

What I'm not so excited about is the airfare to get us to Africa. Prices have sky-rocketed. A round trip ticket from Seattle to Ethiopia is now running about $2700 - each. Yikes. And we have to go twice. First for our court hearing. And then a few months later to bring 'Little E' home.

We have a few fundraisers in the works to help raise travel funds.

First, we will be hosting a summer concert this Saturday night in our backyard. It will feature classical guitarist, Mike Edmondson - who plays absolutely brilliantly! Admission is free, but we will gladly accept donations towards our adoption fund! (Refreshments will be provided!) Thank you, Mike, for donating your time and talent to put on this event!

Second, Yoga Hut will once again be teaching Yoga in the Park this Sunday morning at 10:00. All proceeds will be donated to our adoption fund! If you are interested, grab your yoga mat and meet at the stage at Howard Amon Park in Richland, WA. Thank you, Yoga Hut!

Finally, If you can't attend our evening guitar concert...and if you can't make it to yoga at the park...but would still like to donate, just click here. Donald and I are amazed and humbled at the generous donations that have been made to help us bring our little girl home. Thank you so very much!!! You are all simply wonderful!

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