Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bummer Summer

Yesterday we had big plans

The first day of the first week of summer vacation was going to be spent at the water park, soaking in the sunshine and splashing in the water

Unfortunately, we never made it to the water park. 

At about 10:30 Lorelai was busy doing flips (that's all she ever does). That's when I heard it, 'I think I broke my arm!'. I turned and looked as she walked towards me. I started screaming. Literally. I can handle seizures. I can handle brain injuries and brain surgery. I cannot handle arms that look like they are all bent in the wrong direction.

 photo e627c5a8-a179-4954-b9d8-fa58cf06f7d3_zps08a58162.jpg  photo 4fd289bf-3d7b-46f3-b8d8-4c3bbc4c5859_zps05bd990c.jpg  photo 8558bab5-793b-4d86-abb7-8c99a34d1072_zps3d45932d.jpg  photo 9241d14e-218c-4ec3-a367-142d1bcf9a2b_zps798a4aa5.jpg  photo ee73a92e-be2f-4941-920c-134172cb56ab_zps81e1857b.jpg  photo 82b9edad-693a-4996-9e48-7692703e08b2_zpse15d9746.jpg 

Fortunately, it was not broken, just dislocated. However, Lorelai still shed a lot of tears yesterday. First when she found out that she can't do gymnastics for two months. And then again when she learned that she has to leave her splint on for a month and isn't allowed to swim. That's harsh news for an athletic 8-year-old to get on the first day of the first week of summer vacation. 

Looks like handstands on the beam will have to wait...

 photo 2c532f62-4851-4d80-b296-5fa603eabd31_zpsd3d7d7f9.jpg
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