Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Ballet Recital

In Spring of 2002 I was pregnant with Alexandra. The day of the ultrasound was met with great excitement and anticipation. I distinctly remember thinking, "This day is going to tell me what the future holds, baseball games or ballet recitals." 

I was told I was having a little girl. prediction was right, ballet recitals were in our future. 

  photo 10c7e71e-a804-42dd-ae4e-26bdb412efb0_zpse588a1dd.jpg  photo 108d903d-4ed9-4f81-bfc2-37aab10c243c_zps9fbe07e3.jpg  photo ce7f096f-47aa-4429-a414-b9a0260f41d4_zps1639c808.jpg 
[Alexandra Louise, June 8, 2013]

 photo 86235df2-547b-4cdb-8508-03bf5f979aaa_zpse65d31b7.jpg photo 0eba41d0-132f-4023-a7df-3fc139fc79a2_zpse3858901.jpg  photo 7b248460-93f7-4e9a-a5b5-ac38073a67f2_zpse6cca6c1.jpg 
 Oh, how I love watching her grow and learn!
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