Monday, July 1, 2013

Guitar on a Summer Evening

Bring 'E' Home 
~A Benefit Concert~

  photo 0e5f8a7e-63ec-4444-8fe5-97fb1e7d3c08_zps0499f55d.jpg  photo f681cae7-42c0-4b4c-bd5f-d49990c5fc89_zps139742ef.jpg  photo c69caf5b-5122-4434-8b0e-41105d981216_zps22cab11d.jpg  photo 6573f6da-675d-4a65-86ee-34bf22da0325_zps1ea0bba5.jpg  photo dec17e94-2d7b-494e-a1a7-985a4f15a95c_zps5d4b5a82.jpg  photo b4da1d1c-d35e-40da-8e2a-db84acb9f45a_zps61aad303.jpg 
Alexandra, warming up. She was the opening act.

  photo b2bb07d4-9d00-4160-9318-3e0aefb47f8b_zpsbef8d0e2.jpg 
Our guest artist was Mike Edmondson, classical guitarist. His performance was inspiring, to say the least. We are so grateful that he donated his time and talents to perform a concert on E's behalf.

Thank you to those that came and supported us.
What a delightful evening it was!

Alexandra, doing a sound check before the concert started:

We should be traveling to Ethiopia in just a few short weeks. While this is very exciting, it's also very expensive (ticket prices are climbing by the day but we can't schedule our flights until we get the actual A-OK from Ethiopia). If you would like to donate towards the adoption, simply click the link below. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

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