Thursday, June 27, 2013

We've Been Flocked!

Last night we were 'flocked'. 

A slew of flamingos appeared in our front yard. 

Ha ha! Classic!!

  photo de64c339-097c-4f1e-a3ab-533c77ea6316_zpsc45256a6.jpg  photo 1ce49f5f-2a0d-484c-b9e8-3ebda229306c_zps009ed94b.jpg  photo d7d92297-d726-4e34-839a-075261f7d005_zpsfac26906.jpg  photo 02f5a7fe-f87d-42ae-9e52-3c6563c7f470_zps159164d9.jpg 

To whoever it was that 'flocked' us....thank you! 

What a fun surprise! 

Now Alexandra and Lorelai are convinced that we must always have flamingos in the front yard...

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