Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elsa's Spa Day

One of the reasons I always wanted daughters was so I could have fun creating beautiful hairdo's. Lucky me, I have four little girls. Of course, I have yet to learn how to braid Elsa's hair, but mark my word - I will.

The night day before we left Ethiopia we decided to take Elsa to a salon in Addis Ababa so that she would have freshly done hair for the trip home. It was her first time getting extensions and she winced in discomfort all along the way. But - I think she would tell you it was worth it. Oh, how she smiled as she saw herself in the mirror afterwards!

 photo f26db39e-1310-4bc3-a326-426839cc0152_zpsd08f04b5.jpg  photo 5f97507e-1edc-49d1-85e7-b7159093d8e3_zps03f0bd18.jpg  photo a0132057-108f-4165-b43f-04a5a7372433_zps73d545cb.jpg  photo a169f198-4b68-4f03-b036-5b32b0b4875c_zps0033288f.jpg  photo 562d505a-64bc-4faf-9d2e-55fb8e2914e0_zpsd39a57b8.jpg
 photo 700ea129-0d07-4d1a-84c7-5ba42e3e6d45_zps258c5a02.jpg 

P.s. - Those hair extensions only cost $5.00! And that included getting her hair washed and dried! 

There's no way I'm going to find that kind of a price here in the states...
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