Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Farewell Ceremony

On November 13, two days after we picked Elsa up, we returned to the orphanage for her farewell ceremony. All the other children were dressed in traditional Ethiopian attire and we watched as they sang songs and played games. It was there that Elsa cried for the first time, feeling the emotion and reality of saying goodbye to not only her friends, but to the nannies who have raised her.

 photo c4b58d98-d05b-467d-9c22-3c8f32eb41e8_zps066c9560.jpg  photo c793ea70-bbaf-45e7-9903-61174ae0092b_zps90a2eac9.jpg 
[Using my phone to take pictures of her friends.]

 photo 2393da83-75d2-42df-a924-7ce9e9c86da7_zps8b3ea1b7.jpg  photo af57bbfb-99c9-4af8-a775-dc1ac039145d_zpsb9d7fa3b.jpg  photo 41fa8938-fc53-46e2-8693-25bd887954c8_zps8b8204b3.jpg 
[I can see deep thought on Elsa's face - and rightfully so - she was about to say goodbye to everyone and everything she has known.]

  photo fdeabccf-87fb-4349-bada-3beadb10cbf2_zpsbdb75f07.jpg  
[Our family pictured along with Elsa's nannies.]

 Elsa, bidding farewell to her friends at the orphanage:
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