Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Post About Dogs. And Braids.

It never fails. As soon as I sit down on the couch, Brigitta comes and climbs up on me.

   photo 28df1882-032e-41f0-a9cb-d62f61066c5b_zps387464e1.jpg  photo 3800399a-f693-404f-aa07-9567d0902d26_zpsb03730f2.jpg  photo 939f33e9-f4ad-45c5-a234-26e5d7cc8753_zps9712906c.jpg  photo 8f7f94c5-ba8d-4ed3-9c10-477a90f819d7_zpse55ab6ec.jpg

See that scruffy fur? Well, she went to the groomer shortly after this picture was taken and I'm proud to announce that she no longer looks like a stray off the street. (At least for a day or two.)

In other news...

I put a french braid in Elisabeth's hair for the first time! Elisabeth wasn't so happy with the whole experience -  she despises having her hair brushed, combed, or anything of the like! But I kept reminding her that she is a Sorenson and must look presentable! 

  photo 087c300e-136a-486a-bafc-df4922fcaa72_zpsca45263e.jpg  photo 6fa59110-f30c-4209-ae15-392ab597bf04_zps919f2478.jpg

I'm sorry there isn't a clear picture. It is near impossible to get Elisabeth to hold still. She can only sit for a second or two before topping over - so this is the best we got.

And finally... 

 I had Elisabeth in her wheelchair out front the other day and ran inside to get my phone. When walking back towards the front door I looked out and saw this:
  photo 5791768e-9405-48e0-b50f-339ad7587107_zpsf43f49e1.jpg

My heart melted! I am not always the biggest fan of our dogs, but the black one, Scarlett, is so tender to Elisabeth. If Elisabeth is ever in distress, Scarlett is sure to be by her side. I'll have to remember this picture the next time Scarlett sneaks into the pantry and eats an entire box of croissants from Costco.

  photo 59681b10-c771-4781-8509-f7b46ee56982_zps904acd7f.jpg
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