Friday, March 14, 2014

Opening Night

I'd like to introduce you to my second home for the week, a.k.a. The Pit:

  photo 2c1a688d-33db-4bb2-9abe-a77c7a8d423a_zps9e76c818.jpg 

Can you spot me? 

Tonight is our first performance of Les Miserables and I am SO excited! This is the kind of thing I was born to do - it seriously puts me on a natural high. If you live locally, I encourage you to come! Bring your friends, bring your families, bring your neighbors. The production quality is absolutely spectacular (and I am not one to say such things unless it's true.) 

Come one, come all! Click here for more details.

And stop by the pit during intermission and say hello

(And if you happen to come on Saturday, keep an eye on my children, okay?
I think they are in row F or something like that.)
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