Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Confirmed, She Can Run

So...we adopted an Ethiopian. And Ethiopian's are known to be amazing runners. Well, let me tell you, Elsa is no exception. The elementary school just held its annual jog-a-thon and Elsa Lelise (who is in kindergarten, mind you) ran more laps than any other child!

 photo b4b9c75a-b934-4751-b3b9-1eb7c818bc50_zps3ae0f7d4.jpg

The only time she slowed down was when she found her best friend crying because she couldn't find anyone else in their class. Elsa wrapped her arm around her and walked an entire lap alongside her, just like that. It pretty much melted my heart. Elsa is the most compassionate person I have ever met. And for that reason I am blessed to have her in my life; compassion is something I have always struggled with and Elsa sets a great example for me.

 photo b89b4cee-4cdc-473a-8ab1-1e4c2d227dc1_zps152c25fb.jpg

And I best give a shout out to Lex and Lorelai, jog-a-thon veterans:

 photo 297b2c55-2100-46b3-b6d7-d9d02d130333_zps68068476.jpg  photo 892d46a8-8b76-4a94-a77c-e0a31552e4ac_zps479b3096.jpg  photo a6d68355-4e95-4f30-a1ae-ae1233c58d42_zps553c8b1f.jpg  photo f7aa9501-b57e-4397-84a2-e94cc40136b1_zps7ef0103e.jpg  photo 9fa48a92-465d-4659-9198-d6aff31a6f00_zps0eb7c06f.jpg

Good job, girls!
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