Monday, August 25, 2014


T'was time to introduce Elsa to another fine Sorenson tradition:

Back-to-School Caramel Apples.

   photo c6c0633d-960b-4da2-be3f-8247705ba70e_zpse587c3c4.jpg  photo d44f866f-ac8b-43bc-a417-d3138bcb7396_zps056276f6.jpg  photo 3f0c105e-f1f4-466c-8c93-cca4e8eff385_zps65ae04ec.jpg  photo d5edda82-ea2b-4100-a450-c1010eedb76d_zpsc5335370.jpg  photo c887bd9e-ac54-484f-8965-89365d0dcde9_zpsafde0bc2.jpg  photo e8ca7a53-3bb3-4522-8f98-0557b20ef0dd_zpsc68d923c.jpg  photo 96d92c18-50e1-45ea-b702-58cd509c2120_zps79c7fe2d.jpg  photo 0d43c568-e2fc-4bd6-a7cc-aa603f24f05b_zpsdcda0b9e.jpg  photo 4b57b810-9f2c-4e18-9eec-4decd859ff58_zps1d177418.jpg  photo 9f280601-fd3c-47f7-94a2-17a60b853cab_zpsa54c794e.jpg  photo cd386e01-7263-4549-b714-f25ca3c7bf28_zps29b86e76.jpg

Once the apples were dipped and decorated, the girls delivered them to their favorite classmates to wish them luck in the school year ahead.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Alexandra is entering middle school and she is sooooooo excited! I remember the night before I started middle school - I was a nervous wreck. But not Lex, she's confident and cool.

Also, Elisabeth is entering the first grade and it will be her first full day of school. I admit, I am feeling some anxiety about having her gone from 8:30 - 3:00. We will give it a try for a week or two - I might put her back on a half day schedule if it seems to be too much for the little queen.

Happy Learning!

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