Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Day!

May I present to you...

~ Alexandra Louise ~ :::6th Grade :::
 (middle school!)

 photo 6c7e9ae4-ab9f-41ba-8ae0-fd8b2b31fb8e_zpsd85ea356.jpg  photo 4239410c-e874-4ae6-8c9d-5163c83633cd_zps68db6f45.jpg  photo 8c61d92a-92c9-4620-9f07-3f2a4d7c358a_zps584c7790.jpg

~ Lorelai Leigh ~
 :::4th Grade:::

 photo a6f976a6-4a4a-43ec-b703-cfa15861dbeb_zps01d9eb5f.jpg  photo 71b69a96-4aaa-4264-b919-29d0df3fa6e6_zpsac043fe1.jpg
 photo d73a1ae6-8ca5-4ff0-ade4-632766a4af4b_zps990a44d0.jpg

~ Elsa Lelise ~
:::1st Grade:::
7dc00bbd-165c-41d8-a620-3eeebed85cab_zps790d30f9.jpg  photo 
0520f85c-01a4-4d32-8264-4d343a4f73db_zps3af685c6.jpg  photo 

~ Elisabeth Elva ~
:::1st Grade:::
 photo 1da131ee-54e1-4c37-ada9-d1145cb89b0e_zps057e00d6.jpg  photo 76768588-7d46-463d-bef9-0d7497b02272_zps50f09a46.jpg  photo 361e947e-bc88-4422-b4c3-b4ecf2b44f39_zpsac3a6c8f.jpg

 photo deb82fc2-53bb-4e0b-afb3-868dd9ab14b5_zps15685722.jpg  photo 1e75dbaf-9bec-4d0c-b536-21e8b6d3f86e_zpse5b85d57.jpg  photo 73ac54b9-ff5d-4135-ac94-b418e51ec42b_zpsae7a460f.jpg  photo 14d831f6-652d-4390-a243-834c435e253c_zps3b10f0ce.jpg  photo 9f25aaa7-d2c7-40c5-bd7f-2989ef99f428_zps65838685.jpg

Today was wonderful!

Alexandra had the "best day ever!" and absolutely loves middle school! Plus, she ended up getting assigned to an 8th grade locker (which is enormous compared to the 6th grade ones). She can't even wait for tomorrow so she can go back.

As for Elisabeth, I was extremely nervous about the full-day school schedule, but she did amazing! When I walked in her classroom at three o'clock she looked alert and happy, with a definite sparkle in her eye. As soon as I started talking she began flailing her arms about as if to say, "Mom, today was spectacular!"

Something tells me it's going to be a great year!
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