Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We rolled back into town on Saturday evening. Setting out on an adventure always feels good, but it feels just as wonderful - or even more so - to return home. Getting away seems to re-energize me; to help me refocus and reevaluate. And I find that distance from our everyday routine brings new perspective and fresh ideas. All of this to say - it's nice to be home, re-charged and ready to take on the busy school year ahead.

I realize I only posted a handful of times while we were vacationing - we were constantly on the go and I rarely had time to sit at the computer and document our days. But I absolutely must share the rest of our journey with you: more days at Disneyland, trips to the beach, and a museum to name a few. So expect all of that and more this week.

But first - something very, very important:
today is our 14th wedding anniversary.

And so I thought it appropriate to draw a little somethin' onto one of our old wedding snapshots...since that's just what I do these days (refer to this post).

  photo 127fcb33-c84f-455d-8bff-f901ecca7d90_zps56b28d7a.jpg 
 [August 19, 2000]

 I married an angel.
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