Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Huntington Library

One reason I was excited to head down south was to take the children to The Huntington Library. Since the girls are enrolled in Lisa's Finishing School, I thought it would be a perfect educational activity filled with priceless documents, books, and art - not to mention the glorious gardens!

As we walked through the museum I was absolutely in awe. My mind couldn't even comprehend all I was seeing. I kept calling the girls from display to display - "Girls, look! This is a letter Abraham Lincoln wrote. Girls, over here! The Gutenberg bible! Lex, look at this, Isaac Newton's notebook!"

And on and on and on. Honestly, if you haven't visited The Huntington Library yet, take my word for it and plan a trip ASAP.

 photo 8f55b37f-35df-4ee4-b687-1bf41ab227b6_zps6576ebea.jpg
Isaac Newton's notebook. Incredible.

 photo 473df34d-19f7-4106-8822-6c527ecc1129_zps331d3127.jpg
Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

 photo b453d358-e474-4d68-8ad8-b0f0638613b8_zpsa1baf81f.jpg

 photo 2ae49dcf-1d06-4850-9fbb-43abac9c389b_zps9bccee6e.jpg
The Blue Boy by Gainsborough.
Like I said, I was in awe the entire time!

 photo de09c3c1-7ed1-46ff-ad8d-ccc284f57046_zps24b54e1b.jpg

 photo c823174a-636c-4b19-b057-4396def9b39f_zps7132efc9.jpg
Room after room looked like this. Breathtakingly beautiful.
(See  us waaaaay down there at the opposite end?)

 photo afa330d6-3194-412d-a4ce-e8d7104bb913_zpsdf2a9a34.jpg

And the gardens, oh, the gardens!

 photo f75b232e-9699-4edf-ab72-ba5bba9def74_zpsee9d6d6c.jpg  photo 469fa957-1577-48f5-9c11-1c08a041b29f_zps175b451b.jpg
 photo a896332d-8cf4-434f-8fdd-b79e97164fda_zpsabdd5864.jpg  photo d9cf4266-6492-4d9b-9b5c-816cc90337c6_zpsba1d3cc0.jpg
 photo c8c7a30e-1a57-4aa3-acaf-c32dbf0b2b1c_zps3f9096e6.jpg 
Now - Our family in 2014.

 photo 8fb34762-074f-444a-bd56-006cc8866756_zps1f042a25.jpg 
Then - Donald and me in 2001.
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