Friday, August 22, 2014

The Pacific Ocean

This year has been full of firsts for Elsa.

Seeing the ocean was yet another one to add to the list.

I'll never forget saying,

"Look, Elsa! The ocean!" as it came into view.

"Where?" she asked

"Over there!" I pointed.

She just stared.

"That's the ocean!" I told her again.

"Oh!" She proclaimed. "I thought it was the sky."

 photo 8882da9e-4d0e-4690-93f3-9179bbbbefd1_zps159f5921.jpg  photo b8b8a7fb-300b-41c7-bd58-84c5698ab5be_zpsa73f49e3.jpg  photo 8ef095e4-b6f7-4488-a567-fa96dd90d6ce_zpsd3445d96.jpg  photo e317a13a-9022-4d41-af3f-e8d36862de3f_zps95062f4f.jpg  photo daf39f22-6f3b-423c-b63b-c22f4156cda6_zpse0f5bf6a.jpg  photo 720b610c-38fe-4d98-b60d-8cab3daee000_zpsc5347199.jpg  photo 38b2ae2b-e3bc-4e4d-a3a9-b6a12bc9bce3_zps8f7c9f83.jpg  photo 16aaffef-24a6-4f4f-b6f5-173f9eb566ca_zpsc975c1a7.jpg  photo 9d41c9f7-bda9-48ce-bc11-425ca039ee5d_zps610b5a36.jpg  

Beach Beauties.
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