Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Day She Turned Ten!

On Sunday morning Lorelai woke well before dawn and discovered her birthday surprise:
                                           a guinea pig!

 photo 5ad8531e-c096-4979-8a07-107a29585e5c_zpsd706bfbe.jpg

Lorelai has wanted her own pet for a while now. I had been adamant that we would not be adding any pets to the family tree - that made the surprise so much sweeter - she had no idea!

 photo 5941a8ed-0439-4ee8-b769-22103506304e_zps393a1599.jpg

A few more snapshots of her 10th birthday:

 photo a4b09b04-6aad-475c-9873-d9f42023aab8_zpsb58f9820.jpg 

Gifts galore.

  photo 91732098-404c-4463-83a5-39b701ee352c_zps691025db.jpg  photo 515741bf-cec9-452a-ab0f-8ff46b7abff1_zpse7b82e12.jpg  photo 7c9e7f85-f173-4d1c-8025-11f4aa7971eb_zpse69c551d.jpg photo ee247ce9-d296-4007-b7c6-5cb35795a0c6_zps3ba98a79.jpg

A silly string attack on an unsuspecting sister:

 photo 3a2d0b2f-329b-4e8d-99d0-0b92b1f137cc_zps7c513d1e.jpg

And last but not least - cake!

 photo 4086b596-f19c-4ec7-b021-f3d944413b00_zps22731e2c.jpg

One decade!

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