Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Morning at the Middle School

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I spend my mornings volunteering at the middle school - more specifically with the 6th and 8th grade orchestras. The music teacher there has a background in band only, so he is happy to welcome my string expertise! I feel strongly that there is a responsibility to pass knowledge on to the next generation; I was blessed to study music with some of the best violinists in the world, how could I not share all that I learned?

Today the teacher was gone, so rather than take kids to practice rooms to give them private instruction, I stepped up as the conductor for the day. 6th grade orchestra was so much fun and when we were done playing several of them told me that it was the best they have ever sounded (I agree.) The next period, the 8th graders came in...and I got a bit sidetracked...

You see, I was telling them about my children and pulled up Elsa's 1st grade picture on my phone. I began telling them about her: her past, her trials, her never ending optimism. From there I set in on a speech about the fortunate lives that they live here in America, and how lucky they should feel each and every day they come to school.

'You have so many opportunities here, all you have to do is take advantage of them and you can become anything and anyone you want. The world is yours - so whatever your dream might be, go get it.'

Before I knew it, class was over and I had spent the entire period giving them an impromptu motivational speech. Afterwords I apologized, but they were quick to tell me, 'We liked this! and 'This was awesome'! 

I feel so glad that this opportunity came to me, I thoroughly enjoy working with middle school kids. They are at an age where they are just beginning to discover their talents, their abilities, and their dreams.  I look at them every day and hope they all realize the potential that is in them. If not, they are going to keep hearing it from me everyday until they fully understand!
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